Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Just a few items of business, family news and such...

Nathan, our eldest (at 16) is currently in Pucallpa, Peru, playing soccer with the Southern California Seahorses. This is well inland--in the Amazon Basin--and was unaffected by the earthquake off the coast today (which was felt in Lima). My nephew, Ben, by the way, is in England with his soccer team (Wittenburg University, for whom he tends goal), getting in a few preseason games and seeing the sights.

Jasper and I are climbing Mt. Adams tomorrow and Friday (but I'll try to write another post before we leave).

You may have missed this last item, since it didn't receive much fanfare (for purely political reasons). Turns out, the annual temperature data upon which was based Al Gore's book and the resulting global warming hysteria has been corrected, and those years from the 1990's and from this millenium are not the record setters they were thought to be. Steve McIntyre of Toronto discovered the flaw in NASA's calculations, and they have since corrected the data. But by now, entire political platforms have been founded upon the premise that we're facing runaway warming. For more on this, go here. This is a must read if you get excited (or have friends who get excited) about global warming. (I have a suggestion for the title of Gore's next book--from Gilda Radner's old SNL character, RoseAnn Roseannadana--"Nevermind.")

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