Thursday, August 23, 2007

Ironically Intolerant

As we have seen, those who espouse moral relativism quickly fall into contradiction. It is no surprise then, that the postmodern form of tolerance turns out to produce extreme intolerance on the part of its advocates. According to one political analyst,
Absolute tolerance is altogether impossible. The alledgedly absolute tolerance turns into ferocious hatred of those who have stated clearly and most forcefully that there are unchangeable standards founded in the nature of man and the nature of things.
This was penned decades ago (in Liberalism Ancient and Modern) by Leo Strauss. If Strauss was describing the situation in his day, he was also prophesying of ours.

In our culture, those who openly take a stand for objective morality--which we have seen is the accurate, logical understanding of reality--are vilified and persecuted by those whose only moral cry is "Tolerance!" And the irony is that the relativists cannot see that they are blatantly refuting their stated position.

When a relativist, in referring to his university, civic organization, or other group, advocates diversity and tolerance, he doesn't really mean that he desires the company of a diversity of views. If so, he would be thrilled to have a group of moral objectivists--and even fundamentalist Christians--included. But chances are, he wants nothing to do with such folk, and hopes all the others in his group feel the same. No, what he really wants is people of a diversity of nationalities, skin colors, genders, and gender orientation who share the exact same ideology as he does.

And there is nothing tolerant or diverse about such a group of bigoted idealogues.

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