Saturday, July 14, 2007


Yesterday's post was my 100th! I started blogging on the last day of January, and reached 100 posts on the 13th of July. In the five full months during that period, I've averaged 18 posts per month.

These posts have wandered across a variety of topics. It turns out, though, that nearly 1/4 of them (23% to be exact) have dealt with evolution, naturalism, or the closely related subject of 'what is science?' I didn't set out to write so many posts on this subject, but the fact is that naturalism is such a prevalent worldview, and the support for it so logically flawed, that I couldn't help myself.

Next in frequency (at 18%) have been natural history posts, generally brief posts (often with pictures) about particular birds, reptiles, mammals, or insects as I encounter them. These have been fun, and I hope that they give my readers a glimpse into my life (and that of my family) and the depth to which awareness and appreciation of God's creation is imbedded in the fabric of that life.

Twelve percent of my posts have dealt with literary quotes, and these from a variety of authors and reagrding different subjects.

Eight percent of the first 100 posts dealt with a defense of the reliability of the Bible. An equal number presented classical arguments for the existence of God (cosmological, teleological, and moral), and three posts dealt with a defense of the historicity of the bodily resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. Interspersed were four posts about the undertaking of apologetics, six posts on Christian living/doctrine, and six about critical thinking or logic.

I did a short series (of five posts) on environmental stewardship (the week of Earth Day), and the remaining (7 or 8) posts don't fall easily into any particular category.

I have no plans to stop blogging, and I hope that some have enjoyed, been encouraged by, or had their faith strengthened by the peregrinations so far recorded here. I hope you'll keep reading. More importantly, let me take this opportunity to express my appreciation to those who have read (either regularly or intermittently).

Thank you!


Anonymous said...

I really enjoy reading your blog so keep up the great work. Although folks aren't always commenting, we are reading! Thanks!

Rick Gerhardt said...

Thank you!