Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Four-Fold Defense

Just thought I'd mention four different aspects of apologetics, four components of the reasoned defense of Christianity. (These come from one of my mentors, Professor Kenneth Samples.)
1) Presenting and clarifying the truth claims of historic Christianity
2) Presenting positive evidence for the faith
3) Answering questions and objections
4) Critiquing alternative (non-Christian) systems
Now, I've been using this rather new medium (blogging) for engaging in apologetics for several months. As I look back, I trust that I have from time to time presented and clarified the Christian truth claims (#1 above). I know that I have presented positive evidence for the faith (#2), and I have certainly spent quite a few posts critiquing alternative systems (#4).

I suppose I have also addressed #3, answering questions and objections, especially during my interactions with Richard Dawkins' book, The God Delusion. But this sort of answering third-person objections is not particularly satisfying (to me). I would much rather have some direct interaction with questions and objections from my readers.

It's rather easy for you to comment or ask a question in this medium. This can be done anonymously (indeed, that seems to be the default way to leave a comment), though I naturally prefer to know something (a first name at the very least) of the person with whom I'm interacting.

So, consider this an invitation to you personally to ask a question or to raise a doubt or objection (particularly with regard to the truth of Christianity). My hope is that in the next few months, some of what I will blog about will be those things about which you--my readers--have raised questions or concerns.

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