Monday, July 23, 2007


I'm back from L.A. What a wonderful time I had getting to better know the bright and caring folks that are my fellow students, professors, and visiting lecturers. Each of these groups includes men and women that are defending the truth claims of Christianity in almost every imaginable forum. They are teaching, writing books, maintaining websites and blogs, lecturing, writing curricula. They are some of the very best thinkers, authors, and speakers of our day. And all of this is critical in the times and culture in which we live.

But every bit as important as the arguments they are making and the books they are writing are the lives they are living and the people they are. Through listening to taped lectures, reading their books, and participating in on-line discussions, I had already gained a deep appreciation for the intellect of these folks. Time together these past couple of weeks enabled me to learn in greater depth what people of integrity they are, each and every one.

I was especially blessed to get to know the family of one of the visiting lecturers. This man is on the front lines of the battle to reclaim science from the naturalism that has derailed it, and his every lecture and book is necessary and powerful. Nonetheless, it seems to me that just as effective an apologetic--for the validity of the Christian faith--is his beautiful and loving family. Families--like this man's and those of my other professors and fellow-students--that manifest the love of Christ and exemplify His plan for the family are a powerful testimony to the truth of His existence and the presence of His kingdom among us.

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