Saturday, January 26, 2008

God's Existence

Two posts ago, I wrote (among other things),
Even though many in our culture claim to believe in God, in practice we live and reason as though He were not our Creator and Sustainer.
A visitor to the blog (john) replied,
People live as if God doesn't exist... because he doesn't.
Here's my response to him...
Hi John:

I'm an empiricist (I follow the evidence where it leads). The scientific evidence in our day--and from all disciplines--overwhelmingly points to the transcendent Creator portrayed in the Bible. The traditional philosophical arguments for God's existence are stronger than ever, having been dramatically bolstered by the latest findings in cosmology, astronomy, physics, chemistry, and biology.

In addition, I've encountered Him personally, and that more often and in more ways than I could begin to share. I hope you'll keep reading, and I hope you can eventually examine critically whatever poor or biased education you've been given.

God has blessed our skeptical generation with wonderful evidence for His existence and love. I'd hate to have you miss it. Keep your eyes and mind open.

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