Thursday, January 24, 2008

Art Sunday

This coming Sunday will be the second Art Sunday at our church (in Bend, Oregon), Antioch. A large variety of art--by Antioch folks--will be displayed and available for purchase. And the proceeds will all go toward one or more of our missions endeavors, primarily our partnership in Uganda.

But Art Sunday is more than a fundraiser. It also represents an affirmation of artistry, aesthetics, creativity. Antioch is a church that stands on the truth of historic Christianity and of the biblical worldview. We also recognize, however, that most churches that have cared deeply about doctrinal truth have at the same time marginalized art (and artists). But the historical Christian understanding--upon which a liberal arts education used to be founded--is that there are three laws of the universe against which one cannot fight... goodness, truth, and beauty. At Antioch, we want to maintain the balance represented in that understanding, and so we take time periodically to celebrate the aesthetic and creative dimension of our humanity.

(My artistic contribution to Art Sunday will be one of the ducks pictured above. The larger is a Canvasback drake, and the smaller a Hood Merganser drake, both carved in butternut.)

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