Friday, October 5, 2007

Ruse Versus Nelson

Last night at BIOLA, a different sort of debate took place. It was biologist Paul Nelson against atheist philosopher Michael Ruse. But rather than defend their own position (intelligent design or naturalistic evolution), the two were supposed to identify what new evidence from the other side would cause them to rethink their current belief.

I didn't have a chance to attend, and have not yet obtained access to an audio (or video) copy of the "un-debate." I have, however, read a couple of reviews. And the pertinent point for readers of this blog is that--like many atheists--Ruse's main objection to the existence of God has to do with the presence of evil, suffering, and "bad design" in the world. So we'll get right back to our lengthy discussion of this issue...

...right after I point out a couple more glaring problems in Dawkins' chapter 4.

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