Friday, October 26, 2007

Israeli Yellow Scorpion

Here's another example ("Of what?" you ask. Please see the previous post.)...

Gliomas are tumors of the central nervous system that arise from glial cells. Most occur in the brain of humans, though they can also be found in the spinal cord or optic nerve. High grade gliomas usually become extensive quickly, are difficult to treat, and are often fatal.

A promising experimental treatment for gliomas comes from the venom of the Israeli Yellow Scorpion (Leiurus quinquestriatus). American researchers have isolated chlorotoxin (a peptide), which apparently binds with high affinity to the chloride ion channels in the cancerous glial cells in the brain.

Let's pray that this compound does provide the pharmaceutical breakthrough for which these scientists hope, and that many persons suffering from this dangerous condition can be treated effectively in the future with this derivative from scorpion venom. But in the meantime, let's ask again, how would an evolutionist ever expect that such a benefit to humans would be found in such an organism?

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David Rives said...

Very interesting. I was looking up the venom of these scorpions, as I have been to Israel 11 times, and believe I saw one of these once from a distance.

It is amazing how some things, even poisonous venom contain potentially beneficial material.

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Thanks for the good post.