Tuesday, January 26, 2010


A couple of months ago at my church, Antioch, we started a second service, which we call Redux. There is no sermon in Redux, but the meat of the service is a question-and-answer period. The point is to restore the conversation, to make it okay to ask questions and raise doubts and even criticisms. We do this confident in the knowledge that the Christian world- and life-view really do represent the uniquely accurate understanding of the world in which we live.

At any rate, I was given the opportunity last Sunday of fielding the questions, which spanned a range of subjects that included biblical inerrancy, the age of the earth and universe, the Sabbath, and anti-intellectualism in the church. You can go here to watch a vimeo of my answer to the latter question.

At Redux, we take questions directly from the audience, but we also allow folks to use text messaging to ask questions or offer challenges. At the end of the service, there were several text questions that I hadn't had time to address, so in the next post or two, I'll offer responses to one or more of those, including one about the existence of extra-terrestrials.

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Av8torbob said...

Just watched your explanation of anti-intellectualism in the church. What a great platform (not to mention a great answer!) for discussing these issues. Boy, do I wish more churches would have such a forum.

I know the leadership of a church in Ohio that is just about to get asked to support a similar forum. They just don't know it yet :-)

Always enjoy your stuff. Thanks ...

Bob Perry