Monday, August 3, 2009

Blog Recommendations

It's time for me to alert you to some other blogs worth reading...

I've added a blog to my favorites list (at right). It's called Darwin's God and is by Cornelius Hunter. This blog (like Hunter's several books) makes obvious the fact that modern evolutionary arguments--like those of Darwin himself--are religious in nature and not supported by empirical evidence. That is, that while branding evolution's naysayers as religious (no matter how much those naysayers are in fact sticking to scientific evidence), the evolutionist is the one depending upon religious arguments to make his case. Check out the link at right to see how this irony plays out every day in the debate about evolution.

I also want to offer a shout-out to my friend Bob Perry, whose widely diverse posts never fail to impress me. The link to his blog, True Horizon, can also be found at right, and I recommend you check out his actual history of the issue of ESCR (to correct the misimpressions you will have gotten from Mr. Obama and his worshippers in the media); that would be the post of August 3rd.

Finally, I left my oldest son Nathan behind in Romania, and he is blogging about his further adventures in eastern Europe. You can check those posts out at Viva Adventure.

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