Saturday, July 18, 2009

Apologetics Conference

Well, I wore out 3 different interpreters, but I survived 5 lectures and a Q&A session over two days here in Arad. I spoke on postmodernism, the credibility of miracles, worldview thinking, a critique of naturalism, and the problem of evil and suffering. The conference was attended by folks from much of western Romania, and I received some great questions and had some interesting discussions. I ate meals with the attendees rather than with my team from Antioch.

That team, meanwhile, was doing a variety of things... street ministry with gypsy kids, visits to the orphanage sponsored by our host church, and completely tearing down and rebuilding the play structure at the church. Some of them really have a gift with kids.

We'll participate in the church services tomorrow (one in the morning and one in the evening); in each, our whole team will sing one song (with Nate and Jazz on guitar and keyboard) and then Kristin Jones will sing a solo (accompanied by Nate on guitar). I'll preach, and that means two different sermons, as if I haven't had enough trouble keeping ahead of the game so far. When Emi asked me to do these things, it was all in the nearly-hypothetical future; if I had known then what I know now... well, I'd still have probably said yes.

We went to a nearby farm tonight for a barbecue. There we celebrated Jim Kone's birthday, and Nate caught a fish ("Crappe Grindo"?) in one of the ponds. That was all cut short by thundershowers, which caused us to scurry back to the church in a variety of vehicles (some barely road-worthy). The storm continues a couple hours later as I type this.

Sounds like we may have internet access even at the camp next week, so I'll try to keep posting.


Bob Stuart said...

Hi, Rick: I am very impressed to read of your work in Romania. You are the third person amongst our volunteer apologists who have had mission trips to this country.

When do you expect to be back in the states? Is your email at home still the same? I'm getting delivery failures. I'll look forward to hearing from you.

Bob Stuart
Reasons To Belive

Rick Gerhardt said...


Thanks for reading. Try me at And change my email address on whatever lists you have. Thanks.

Bob Stuart said...

Thanks, Rick. I'll make the changes.