Sunday, May 17, 2009

Apologetics Lineup

The second weekend in July, I'll have the privilege of speaking at an Apologetics Conference in Bucharest. The topics list is nearing its final form, and I'm pretty excited about the way it's shaping up.

I'll begin by talking about why it is reasonable to believe in the miracles recorded in the Bible. (This one is first primarily because it sets up a talk--delivered by a Romanian apologist--about the particular miracle of the resurrection of Jesus.)

Next I'll speak on Postmodernism, showing (among other things) that its epistemology (its view of truth and our ability to know it) is self-refuting, its moral relativism unliveable, and its religious pluralism logically absurd.

Then I'm asked to talk about worldview thinking, unpacking the important components and tests of any good worldview, and then comparing Christianity to other worldview systems.

The fourth talk I've been asked to give will be a critique of naturalism in science. I'll hope to show that there is no historical precedence for seeing science as constrained by a naturalistic worldview, that in fact naturalism cannot justify or account for the very assumptions that make science a worthwhile endeavor, and that with regard to the biggest questions for science the evidence leads verwhelmingly to theistic--not naturalistic--explanations. (I'm looking forward to this one.)

The subject for a fifth talk is still under consideration (and a professor from Moody will be tackling the Reliability of the Gospels), but my weekend will conclude with an entire hour (or a bit more) of Q & A.

It should be great stuff, and I'm really looking forward to it. I've a lot to get done, however, before I leave with the team from Antioch. I'd appreciate your prayers for this event, and you can start on that anytime now.

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