Monday, September 8, 2008

Evidence of Demons

I promised to share some scientific evidence for the existence of demons in the universe in which we live. But first, a word about science.

In our day, materialist scientists have promoted a simplistic interpretation of scientific reasoning. There has been motivation for this, since it has helped them to defend their own metaphysical (religious) view, that of materialism. That simplistic view says that science observes physical phenomena and seeks to inductively incorporate all specific facts into a few general principles. The claim is that science is primarily an inductive enterprise and that its raw materials (that which it studies) and its explanations are necessarily limited to physical/material things. (Most at this point also make the illogical leap to the supposition that all things real are also physical, but more on that another time.)

Whereas much of science does, in fact, involve inductive reasoning, a good deal of scientific reasoning is instead abductive. This is especially true of the historical sciences, those that seek explanations for past, unrepeatable events. Abductive reasoning essentially seeks to argue to the best explanation. The scientist evaluates all of the available and relevant facts and phenomena, discards those theories that do not accomodate those facts, and concentrates on refining the theory that best fits them.

Some evidence for the existence in our world of demons comes from research into UFOs. By far the majority of reports of unidentified flying objects are eventually explained (they become IFOs, identifiable flying objects); they involve some well-understood natural phenomenon, some man-made craft, or, in some cases, hoaxes.

At the end of the day, however, there remains a set of UFO sightings that cannot be so explained. These are generally referred to as residual UFOs (RUFOs) and are estimated to represent up to about 23% of all UFO reports. (Other researchers estimate them as a much lower percentage, but no astronomers studying them believes that percentage to be zero.)

In general, RUFOs are capable of producing physical effects but are not themselves physical. That is, they leave behind physical trauma, to plants, animals, people, and/or machines. These include burns and compression (as of plants), agitated behavior (of animals and humans), and other symptoms (injuries, burns, nausea, bleeding, and even death).

But the causes of all of these physical effects are not physical themselves. They do not obey the laws of physics. (For a list of supporting evidence for this claim, see chapter 6 of Lights in the Sky and Little Green Men by Ross, Samples, and Clark.) In the mid-70's, President Carter asked NASA to undertake UFO research. NASA, citing its mandate to focus on exploring physical phenomena subject to physical laws--and aware that the evidence leads to the conclusion that RUFOs are not physical--declined the President's request.

According to Astronomer Hugh Ross,
Residual UFOs are both real and non-physical, and as such they manifest specific characteristics. Examining these characteristics leaves the distinct impression that they have an intelligence and a strategic purpose behind them.
Ross goes on to list and discuss these characteristics: RUFOs favor certain times and locales, they keep pace with human technology and science fiction, they seem to have always been around, they match the scientific literacy of their witnesses, they make repeat visits to certain witnesses and sites, they visit a select few, they appear to be alive, they arouse disturbing emotions, they cause bodily and psychological harm, and they deceive their human contacts. The conclusion of many scholars and scientists is that demons--malevolent beings from another dimension--are behind residual UFOs. According to RUFO researcher Jacques Vallee (quoted in Ross et al.),
The UFO phenomenon represents evidence for other dimensions beyond spacetime... The UFOs are physical manifestations that simply cannot be understood apart from their psychic and symbolic reality. What we see here is not an alien invasion. It is a spiritual system that acts on humans and uses humans.
What strengthens this conclusion is the further research that demonstrates that those to whom RUFOs appear (and those abducted by UFOs) have either associated themselves with the occult or have in some manner opened themselves up to demonic contact.

Reasoning abductively, the best explanation for the RUFO phenomenon is demonic manifestation. Ross again...
The truth about UFOs can be known. Indeed, the UFO mystery is a mystery solved. Earth is not being visited by aliens from another planet, but some people are being visited by spirit beings who want everyone to think they are aliens from another planet. By trusting the revelation given by the greatest transdimensional Being of them all, people need never wonder about UFOs again. When people put their lives in the hands of this Cause of human existence, this God who loves every person, the fear of UFO demons and what they can do evaporates.


Anonymous said...

Interesting....Will we see some specific examples of RUFOs in future posts?

Anonymous said...

The title of the post states there is evidence of Demons (and UFOs). Yet the post did not mention any evidence. Is there any scientific evidence?

Trick question: Is there ANY material scientific evidence of the immaterial supernatural realm?

Rick Gerhardt said...


Sorry if I wasn't clear enough. There is plenty of physical evidence left by these RUFOs. But that material evidence leads scientists to the conclusion that the thing producing the physical effect is not itself material.

There is a good deal of corroboratory evidence that leads to the conclusion that it is demonic spirits that are involved in these manifestations.