Monday, September 1, 2008

Advanced Apologetics

Beginning next week, I'll be teaching a Wednesday evening class on Advanced Apologetics at Kilns College. I've had folks asking just how advanced it's going to be.
Are there prerequisites? What if I haven't taken Intro to Apologetics? Do I need to understand quantum mechanics?
As I see it, this course will cover the basics. So, no, there are no prerequisites (like Intro Apologetics) and no, you don't need to worry about your grasp of physics. Where the "advanced" comes in is that we will go in-depth on the apologetics issues we tackle. Rather than spread ourselves a mile wide and a centimeter deep (how's that for mixing measurement systems?), we'll plan to thoroughly thrash out the arguments we take on.

I'm really looking forward to it; I hope you'll consider joining us (for credit or audit).


Brian said...

Will the lectures be available online?

Rick Gerhardt said...

Hi Brian:

Good question. I'm afraid the answer is likely No. For one thing, I'm hoping to teach the class in a fairly interactive style, which will make capturing the audio difficult.

In addition, while the class will be very affordable, the students will be paying a small tuition fee, which would be hard to justify if others could get the same info gratis on-line.

If that answer changes, I'll let you know, but that's my best guess for now. I hope you understand.