Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Busy in a Good Way

It's been more difficult to find time to blog lately, but that's been a good thing. It means I've been in the field a good deal, and I love that. What's more, I've been in a number of different habitats most weeks, seeing different trees, different flowers, different mammals, and different birds.

Within the past couple of weeks, what's occupied my time has included a young Swainson's Hawk in Gilliam County, a fledgling Spotted Owl in Jefferson County, a brooding Common Nighthawk and a rare paintbrush in Crook County, Yellow-breasted Chats (for you non-birding types, I'm not making that name up), Black-throated Gray Warblers, a cougar(!), and golden currants in Wheeler County, and White-faced Ibis and a western rattlesnake in Harney County. And that's just confining myself to Oregon. To top it all off, I'm (mostly) getting paid to travel around this great state communing with nature (and its Creator)!

So if a few days go by without a new blog post, don't worry about me.

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