Thursday, May 1, 2008

Revealed in Nature

I'm speaking at a youth summit this Saturday, on the topic of Science and Christianity. I intend to assure those in the audience who are not all that interested in science that--contrary to what is portrayed by academia and the media--the latest research from all fields of science supports the Bible's claims about the universe in which we live. I hope also to encourage those in the audience who do feel called to a vocation* in science. The following quote by astronomer, pastor, and Christian apologist Hugh Ross sums it up well...
Wherever we look in the realm of nature, we see evidence for God’s design and exquisite care for His creatures. Whether we examine the cosmos on its largest scale or its tiniest, His handiwork is evident. Whether we work in disciplines where simplicity and rigor predominate (for example, mathematics, astronomy, and physics) or in disciplines where complexity and information predominate (for example, biochemistry, botany, and zoology), God’s fingerprints are visible.

Because of the quickening pace of technology and scientific research, the picture of God’s attributes available to us through nature grows clearer. Further, since all the nations and cultures of the world are gaining scientific knowledge and technological competence, this testimony to God through nature is reaching out to all the peoples of the earth, paving the way for a surge of response to the gospel of Jesus Christ proclaimed by human messengers.

* Did you spot the redundancy? ("Vocation" means "calling.")

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